Maintenance Concrete mixer truck as transport vehicles, maintenance and repair must comply with Department of Transportation Decree No. 13 of 1990 stipulates that the implementation of "periodic testing, mandatory maintenance, repair, as appropriate," the maintenance and repair system. Under this premise, combined with the actual situation of concrete mixer truck, to do maintenance and repair. In routine maintenance, concrete mixer truck should be conventional except for automobile engines, chassis and other parts for maintenance, you must do the mini concrete mixer trucks bc-200 following maintenance work. Cleaning concrete tank (mixing drum) and expected out Because the concrete will be solidified into a lump in a short time, and the steel and paint a certain corrosive, so concrete tank after each use, wash tank attached to the concrete and the concrete is expected out daily maintenance must be carried out serious work. Including: a. Rinse with water before each feed port loading, the feed port remains wet when charging; b. While in charge of the vehicle carrying the clean water tank filled with water; c. After loading washing feed, concrete mixer truck with ladder wash near the inlet residual concrete; d. To the site after discharge, wash out the tank, then into the concrete wash water tank plus 30-40 L; holding concrete tank slowly rotate forward when the vehicle return; e. Remember to let go before the next charging concrete sewage in the tank; f. Thorough cleaning of concrete tanks and knock out every day around the discharge port, ensure stick cement and concrete caking. These work as long as one does not seriously, it will bring a lot of trouble for future work. Maintenance drive means The driving means is driven to rotate concrete tank, which consists of power take off, cardan shaft, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, control valves, hydraulic tank and cooling system components. If this section due to failure to stop working, concrete tank will not rotate, which causes the car scrap concrete, serious and even cause the entire tank of concrete condensation in the tank, causing the concrete mixer truck scrapped. Therefore, whether the drive is in use must be highly reliable attention. To ensure reliable drive unit intact, you should do the following maintenance work: a. Universal rotating part is fault-prone area, shall when greasing and regular checks for wear, timely repair, replacement. The team should alternate universal shaft assembly, in order to ensure the event of failure to resume work in a few of minutes. b. Ensure that the hydraulic oil clean. 12 cbm dasion concrete mixer truck Concrete mixing truck harsh working environment, it must prevent sewage sediment entering the hydraulic system. Manual hydraulic oil according to require periodic replacement. Once the inspection found that the hydraulic oil mixed with water or sand, we should immediately stop cleaning the hydraulic system, replacement of hydraulic oil. c. Ensure effective hydraulic oil cooling system. To regularly clean up the hydraulic oil cooler, to avoid clogging the radiator cement, checking electric radiator fan is functioning properly, prevent the hydraulic oil temperature is exceeded. Hydraulic part as long as the hydraulic oil clean, the general failure is small; but produced by different manufacturers, life is not the same.